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To know that a child will be in the future, with the aid of a candy can be predicted. Through a marshmallow experiment found that a person in the the childhood temptations performance impact on his future path in life Shun American psychologist.

The marshmallow experiment is the world's one of the easiest and most successful acts, which Walter
Professor design. Campus of Stanford University in California kindergarten in the 1960s, he began to experiment.
M is a dozen children and put in front of a piece of fruit sugar jelly, told them they could eat, but if you wait until he comes back, and then eat can get one. Then he left the room ten to fifteen minutes.
By the observation that one-third of the children soon began to eat the candy, there are three points bonus of a wait, come back, and began to eat, and one-third of children began to insist, but do not give up, be patient.
14 years later, these children until graduating from high school, began to enter college to study or work, M, for the next step. He found that the behavior of children and adolescents begin immediately sugar lack of self-confidence, do not get along with peers; wait until the last to eat candy child's ability to communicate, independent research and outstanding. "Wait," "inequality", 210 points higher than the average test scores.
Toys Sugar delay met
M block through many years of observation, the conclusion of the subjects: the candy temptation attitude and success in the future. The longer the waiting time of a 4-year-old child before the sugar, happy and successful life.
 Insist on waiting for delay of gratification. Has been postponed in the adult children enjoy the ability to be successful.
British "Sunday Times" commented that the November 2, marshmallow experiment will help research and education, and a reasonable knowledge and emotional decision has nothing to do with the characteristics. This experimental study of emotional intelligence, which is the basis of emotional intelligence
My work has penetrated into every aspect of American life. Such as business consultants, delay of gratification as an example, the entrepreneur has risen within a short drive to resist those who live, but may endanger the long-term strategic interests.
The toy candy Someone once test the accuracy of the problem, if you use jelly or toffees and other sweets, you may get different results. But there are still many people marshmallow experiments show that emotional intelligence (EQ) plays a key role in the future development of the child.


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